Clocks Plaza


Miku, displayed in 3 separate stages, first walking, then running, then singing. Created by LunarDignity on DeviantArt

This is a page created by Clocks as a replacement to their old page. It contains a landing page, a portfolio, and an about page.


The first part of the page created was the template, and the main CSS. Afterward, the most difficult page was created, the Portfolio. Then, a development loop occurred as I filled out each page, updated CSS, updated the template, added new things, repeat. Finally, the page was how I liked it.

I utilized MVC to design the JavaScript for the pages. The M, Model, was json under the "/data/". The V, View, being the HTML. The C, Controller, being the JavaScript. The Controller composed of functions to load data, render functions to handle rendering to the page, and event listeners.

Overall, I think I made the website as cleanly as possible. It was a nice project to do!

Server Info

The server is hosted on Clocks' home server. The following are its specifications.

  • Ryzen 1600x
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • Radeon RX560
  • 256GB Boot SSD
  • 1TB RAID 10 Array