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Miku, displayed in 3 separate stages, first walking, then running, then singing. Created by LunarDignity on DeviantArt
Who is Clocks

Clocks is a 21-year-old Software Engineer, having worked on various projects since High School. Ever since they were young, they were fascinated by the logical and mechanical. This has led them through many projects, sharpening their mind in the world of computers and more. Nowadays Clocks specializes in System and Application Architecture, but also enjoys experimenting with new things.

Notable projects can be found in Clocks' Portfolio. Shosetsu is one of Clocks largest projects, teaching them the most about software engineering. Clocks also has numerous contributions to GNOME applications, along with other research projects related to GNOME. Clocks' research is not limited to GNOME, but also AI research given SURI 2023 and onwards.

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